Introducing Dr. Natalya Ageyeva

This article can also be found in the April 2018 issue of Mercer Island Living Magazine.

Growing up, music was always a part of Dr. Natalya Ageyeva’s life. “It’s a cultural thing,” said the acclaimed concert pianist about being exposed to classical music from a young age in her native Russia. Ageyeva currently resides on Mercer Island, but has performed sensational piano music for audiences all over the world. Read More

Confessions From A Creative Brain

You’ve probably heard the notion that left-brained people are logical and mathematical thinkers, while right-brained people lean more toward creativity. Whether or not this theory has actual credibility is questionable, but I don’t think we need concrete scientific evidence to tell us that some people tend to be more formulaic and some tend to be creative.

I fall into the latter group, and it’s simultaneously a blessing and a curse.

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The Kills Are The Revival Of Badassery

A review of The Kills’ Oct. 27, 2014 show at the Neptune Theatre.

It’s safe to say that I’m intrigued from the moment The Kills walk out on stage at The Neptune on Oct. 27. They’re an unlikely duo to say the least. Jamie Hince, the guitarist, is a lanky, nervous-looking British guy who routinely rocks the neat patterned-scarf and tight-pants look. Alison Mosshart, on the other hand, is the American frontwoman who sports a head full of messy bleached-blonde hair, a plaid flannel shirt and a junkie demeanor of sorts. It’s clear when Mosshart picks up a guitar that she doesn’t really know how to play it, but that doesn’t seem to subtract from her badass points; the screaming audience is simply thrilled to see a legend in action.

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