Rare Dog Breeds You’ve Never Heard Of

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Most everyone is familiar with common household breeds such as the golden retriever, pitbull, French bulldog or chihuahua. However, it’s easy to forget that there are countless other breeds that most of us have never seen in person, or even heard of!

It’s tough to say exactly how many dog breeds are in existence today – the World Canine Organization estimates about 339 breeds, but that does not include several well-known, yet unofficial breeds, including the goldendoodle. Each dog breed was bred for a specific purpose, thus resulting in such a wide diversity of dogs.

​The following are seven rare breeds you’ve almost certainly never heard of.

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Why Do Pit Bulls Have Such A Bad Rap?

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Somewhere along the way, the pit bull gained the reputation of being dangerous, unpredictable and certainly not good for families with kids. Many apartment buildings won’t even allow pit bulls and other dog breeds that have been deemed “too dangerous” to live there. Where did this stereotype come from, and is it even justified…? Read More

Is It Just A Tummy Ache Or Something More?

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It’s the dead of winter and, of course, sickness is running rampant. Colds always seem to last for weeks on end, and let’s not even talk about what happens when you get the flu. Getting sick sucks no matter which species you belong to, but lucky for us humans, we have the ability to convey with language exactly how and why we’re not feeling so great. Dogs, on the other hand, don’t have that luxury and often times we just have to guess what’s hurting them based on their behaviors.  Read More

Here’s How To Tell If You’re Ready To Get A Dog

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So you think you’re ready to adopt a puppy of your own. You’ve watched the YouTube videos and you think you know what kind of breed you want. You just can’t wait to hold that little ball of fluff in your arms! A lot of people think they’re ready to take on the task of raising a dog or puppy, only to realize that perhaps the dog doesn’t end up fitting the lifestyle they have or want.  Read More