Turkmenistan: A Little-Known Nation With Big Human Rights Violations

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Ask just about anyone in the Western world to point to Turkmenistan on a world map and watch them instantly become baffled. Little do they know, however, that the little hermit state of Turkmenistan has some of the worst human rights abuses in the world. World Press Freedom Index ranked the Central Asian nation at just one spot above North Korea, and one spot below Syria in its 2015 report.

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The World’s Worst Human Rights Atrocities: A Look Inside Uzbekistan In 2015


“Abysmal” and “atrocious” are two adjectives commonly used to describe the current state of human rights in the Central Asian Republic of Uzbekistan. World Audit placed its rights records as the third worst in the world as of January 2015, only nudging out Turkmenistan and North Korea. Let’s investigate what makes this little-known nation’s human rights records so heinous.

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Abkhazia Drifts Into Russian Influence, Annoys Georgia

Seven years after the 2008 war between Russia and Georgia broke out over the autonomy of the breakaway republic of Abkhazia, the tiny de facto nation sits in a politically-favorable position for Russia. On July 16, Russian security forces moved the administrative boundary fence in order to place more Georgian territory under Russian control, part of a “creeping annexation of Abkhazia,” according to The Guardian.

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