Blonde In The Belly Of The Beast: World’s Greatest Troll?

I have to confess something about myself: I enjoy being angry. I like watching and listening to viewpoints that are outrageously different from my own, simply because I take great pleasure in formulating rebuttals and proving how much wittier I am than the person in question (only joking…sort of). I also do like to stay up-to-date on different viewpoints, even if I don’t at all agree with them. Read More


Let’s Make A Vow To Stop Ghosting in 2016

There are very few things in this world that irritate me as much as the following scenario:

You’ve been on a few dates with a great guy and it feels like you’ve finally found the perfect match after the sea of losers you dated in the past. You text back and forth constantly when you’re not physically together and you laugh at each other’s stupid jokes. You both even have the same weird obsession with Bob’s Burgers. Then one day he stops replying to your texts.

And just like a ghost, he’s gone into thin air.

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Those Millennials And Their Damn Technology: The Age-Old Battle Of The Generations

*This article references both technology and social media as related entities as they are often used together.

We’ve all heard someone utter the sentiment that Millennials’ dependence on technology is wrecking society. In fact, just the other day I had an older gentleman lean over while I was sending a text and say to me in a somewhat-patronizing tone, “your generation is just all about your phones, isn’t it?” It certainly does seem that way at times, I’ll admit. My grandmother’s favorite thing to say regarding my generation is, “I’m sure glad I’m not growing up in today’s world!” I mean, we’re losing our social skills after all!

Or are we…?

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Diary Of An American Food Service Worker

Being the twenty-something going through a career change that I am, I’ve found myself working in a Mexican restaurant to scrape by for the time being. I’m in a regular state of desperately holding onto every penny I receive in cash tips at the end of each shift. Every coin and every dollar bill gets deposited into my bank account for safe keeping in hopes that one day I’ll have enough saved to live in an apartment where there isn’t a large clunky control panel over my bed and a hole in the kitchen ceiling.

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The Principle Of Not Caring What Other People Do

I’m just going to come out and say it: I will never understand people who actively try to resist social progression. Admittedly this may be in part because I’m a liberal-ass hippie born and raised in Seattle. Regardless of where I grew up, the idea of hating someone or a group of people simply because they associate themselves with a concept you don’t understand or aren’t comfortable with, which literally doesn’t affect you at all, is mind-boggling to me.

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Eight Things In The World I Need To See Before I Die

Before I jump into the actual list, I’ll start out by giving the disclaimer that it is fairly unorthodox. I try to steer clear from the typical responses of “the Eiffel Tower” or “the Great Wall of China.” Now don’t get me wrong, both of those would be stunning to see in-person and hopefully one day I will make those trips, but they do not make my all-time bucket list of places I need to see in my lifetime. My interest is in the little-known of the world; places few are knowledgeable about. So without further ado:

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