Drew Myers

This article can also be found in the March 2018 issue of Mercer Island Living Magazine.

It’s hard not to occasionally fantasize about hopping into a speedboat on Lake Washington on those days when traffic seems to be moving at the speed of molasses.

That’s a reality for Drew Myers, who rides his jet ski to work.

Myers’ office, located in the Leschi marina, is two miles from his home across Lake Washington on the north end of Mercer Island. His commute by jet ski only takes between six and twelve minutes, and occasionally he even stops to take calls out on the water, he said.

And perhaps the best part? There’s no traffic, ever.

Myers commutes via jet ski for about eight months out of the year – he stops around Halloween and resumes at the end of March.

“You start shivering a little too much and it gets really dark as it gets into the fall,” he said.

Rain or shine, he’s out on the water practically every morning and evening. Sometimes he speeds across the lake at up to 65 mph, while other times it’s just a nice leisurely cruise, he said. It all depends on his mood and how much time he has.

Myers currently lives with his significant other Laura and their two young children in a house he purchased about four years ago.

He’s originally from northern California, but moved up to Bellevue for high school and went on to attend the University of Washington. Shortly after graduation, he moved into a friend’s windowless basement on the Mercer Island waterfront – it was then that his dream of taking a boat to work every day was born.

Myers founded Banyan, LLC in 2004, an alternative investment firm and consultancy which is located in Seattle’s only commercial office building on Lake Washington. Eventually, he purchased his very own jet ski, and the rest is history.

To prepare for his unique daily commute, Myers throws on some waterproof pants, a waterproof jacket, and a life vest over his work clothes. In order to ensure that his work laptop stays nice and dry, he puts it in an ultra-waterproof bag.

It’s worked out smoothly so far – after 12 years of commuting to work on his jet ski, Myers has yet to fall off or even get his laptop wet.

And he’s only had a couple minor boating infractions to boot, he laughed.

“I only get soaked with water every once in a while,” said Myers. And specifically for those unfortunate occasions, he keeps an emergency towel and hair dryer handy at his office.

“I never get sick of it, that’s for sure,” said Myers. “Big smile each way, no matter what the day brings.”


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