Blonde In The Belly Of The Beast: World’s Greatest Troll?

I have to confess something about myself: I enjoy being angry. I like watching and listening to viewpoints that are outrageously different from my own, simply because I take great pleasure in formulating rebuttals and proving how much wittier I am than the person in question (only joking…sort of). I also do like to stay up-to-date on different viewpoints, even if I don’t at all agree with them.

So, you can only imagine how happy I was when I found Rebecca, also known as Blonde in the Belly of the Beast. Rebecca is a cute, blonde, twenty-something YouTuber based in Seattle who makes videos about her opinions on various topics of political nature from a conservative standpoint. Her YouTube icon photo is of her sporting a white Make America Great Again hat while she looks whimsically to the side making a duckface while touting bright red lipstick.

Rebecca is from the suburbs of St. Louis. She grew up in a wealthy neighborhood consisting of mainly white and Asian families and, as she puts it, rarely ever ventured into the city except to go to the occasional baseball game or get into those typical teenage shenanigans in some of the “safer neighborhoods.”

She recently moved to Seattle from Los Angeles – that’s when the trouble started.

Rebecca has given every indication that she hates it here in Seattle, which she affectionately refers to as “Libtard USA.” In her first video she states being afraid of losing her job for making these videos. For that reason, she doesn’t give out her last name. Fair enough.

Let’s get to the meat of the matter here. Simply put, I find her viewpoints completely fascinating. She’s a mystical unicorn, really. She’s the rare combination of being college-educated but also extremely conservative. She appears to be very well-spoken, yet uses little evidence to back up her outlandish claims while her video’s commenters, many of them white males, praise her every word and express their relief that a respectable conservative woman really does exist!

One of my favorite Rebecca YouTube moments thus far is where she chronicles an experience she had with dating in Seattle. She describes meeting a tall, handsome, masculine-looking man who resembled Captain America. Did I mention he was just so buff and masculine-looking?

She soon noticed that something was wrong, however. His voice was a tad bit effeminate, in her words, and a couple weeks later, he sent her a text message that read, “I cannot date you anymore because I do not believe that you will teach our children that all cultures are equal, and to love everyone equally,” to which she wholeheartedly agreed that she would not, because equality is garbage (her words, not mine).

There’s a lot of racist rhetoric in her videos that I’m not going to dabble in tonight, because really that would take all night if we’re being honest, but feel free to watch it for yourself.

Another of my favorite Rebecca-isms is her view on gender roles and feminism. Let’s take a look at her video entitled “Feminism is for Idiots and Uglies.” Charming. Right off the bat she talks about how it wasn’t feminism that gave her everything she has today, but rather, it was the patriarchy that did that. “It’s the reason that women have been given so many freedoms,” she says.

Honestly, my brain hurts from trying to wrap my mind around the flawed logic that she so enthusiastically employs with this claim. Okay, so let’s try our best to get this straight: the patriarchy, which is defined as “a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it,” gave Rebecca, who is indeed a woman, her freedoms…? Am I crazy or does this all seem a bit oxymoronic…? Where is Rebecca when we need her the most!

Secondly is her claim that “feminists don’t want true equality; they want superior treatment.” All I’m going to say in reply to that is, can you give us some examples that involve actual evidence and facts? (Hint: she provides none of that).

Here’s another interesting one: Rebecca is very vocal against women who choose careers over having children, as “motherhood is more important than any job they’ll ever do.” Modern society doesn’t allow women to consider motherhood as a real option, she explains. (Shhh, one of the basic principles of feminism is about having the choice to do whatever you want regardless of what society says, but don’t tell Rebecca that!).

Another amusing Rebecca-ism is her claim that “feminism draws an uglier crowd and the hotter ones tend to let themselves go earlier than non-feminist chicks.” Again, source? And remember, Rebecca, anecdotes are not evidence!

I’m not even going to touch on 95% of the ridiculous claims she’s made in her videos; again, we’d be here all night. I mean, they’re so bad that she’s afraid of losing her job over them, which should tell you something. Her fan base convenes solely around her looks and her alt-right, Milo-loving, hateful rhetoric, which makes a small part of me question if she isn’t just the world’s greatest actress looking for her big break. If that’s the case, I applaud her and I’m not even mad about it. Or perhaps she’s just a genius internet troll looking for laughs from conservative commenters, but you’ll have to watch for yourself to determine – and please do; if nothing more you’ll be in for a hearty laugh.

Photo courtesy of YouTube



  1. Robert Sime · 28 Days Ago

    Trouble is, she’s broadly correct. The lunacy of what now passes for the left has pushed a lot of normal, decent people towards the mainstream right or the alt-right in sheer disgust and disbelief. (Just witness the maniacs protesting against Jordan Peterson and assaulting Lauren Southern.)

    I come from a genuinely Socialist background (I’m English and my late father was heavily involved with the trade union movement) and I have had to dissociate myself from the left, not because I have become more right wing in any meaningful sense (economically, I am well to the left of any mainstream political party in the developed world), but because identity politics has utterly replaced bread-and-butter issues.

    I’m sorry, but the LGBTUNCLETOMCOBBLEIGHANDALL movement are narcissists with more in common with the libertarian right than the genuine left.


  2. Fuctional Interest · 8 Days Ago

    Trouble is, she’s reading a script that her boyfriend, alternative researcher drew up for her. Maybe it’s the guy that posted the daft comment above. You know, the guy from the You Kay!


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