Science: It’s Not Just For Lab Geeks Anymore

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Asked to imagine a future career in science, most kids will probably envision white lab coats and beakers, or even line upon line of computer code. But a new grant in Washington state seeks to broaden the image of STEM (short for science, technology, engineering and math) careers to include everything from the analysis of local water resources to salmon habitat restoration. Read More

This 27-Year-Old Is The First Female To Visit Every Country On Earth

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Market Bucks: Giving Back To The Mercer Island Community

This article can also be found in the November 2016 issue of Mercer Island Living Magazine.

Every year, Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season and all of the joyous festivities that come with it. It’s a time when everyone seems to be out buying gifts for their friends and families as well as planning extravagant meals. Contrary to popular belief, however, not every Islander is always fortunate enough to finance the joys of the holiday season. In fact, for many, the holidays can be a time riddled with worry.  Read More

How Native Kids See Science Differently

This article can also be found at Crosscut.

What happens when what you’re taught in school contradicts what you were taught by your family and community? The result can be a struggle to find the balance between preserving cultural identity and being successful in the world. It’s a predicament that most Americans never have to face, but for indigenous youth, this struggle comes all too often. Read More