Orlando Aftermath: Don’t Make It A Fight Between Islam And The Gay Community

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*Writer’s note: I do not identify with either community mentioned in this article; this is simply an outsider’s observation.

In the weeks following the worst mass shooting in American history, many Muslim-Americans have feared the backlash that has inevitably followed. After tragedies like the one in Orlando, communities are often pitted against each other out of fear and a desire to swiftly and unfairly point the blame at a particular group. The shooting, which was committed as a hate crime against the gay community by a Muslim-American man, has evoked a flurry of accusations about rampant homophobia in the Muslim community. Read More

Eritrea And Ethiopia: Enemies In East Africa

This article can also be found at Tremr.

Fighting between Eritrea and Ethiopia broke out last week in the tiny Eritrean border town of Tsorona. It was the most significant clash between the two east African adversaries since the 1998 border war, and has consequently brought up worries of another full-blown war. The relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia has been called one of “no war, no peace” in reference to its Cold War-like stalemate. Read More