Islamophobia In China’s Wild West

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Ninety-eight Uyghur people from the Xinjiang province in northwestern China were detained at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport on Tuesday for allegedly traveling with fake Kyrgyz passports. Read More


What Happened To Venezuela?

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Venezuela is in a state of utter chaos and the government is being awfully cryptic about it. President Nicolas Maduro declared a constitutional state of emergency on Friday reportedly in order to “prepare to denounce, neutralize and overcome the external and foreign aggressions against [Venezuela].” Maduro, the heir of former President Hugo Chavez, didn’t provide many details about the reasons for the announcement, but indicated that the decision was made in case of a “foreign attack.”  Read More

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation: Millennials And The Rise Of The Far-Left Movement

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Every young generation receives a certain amount of flack from older generations for being “unrealistically liberal,” but there’s really no doubt about it: Millennials are more liberal than any other comparable young generation in the past, and even those who identify with the Republican party are significantly more liberal than their older counterparts. Young people today are of the mindset that “America needs a moral rebirth.”  Read More