Is Serbia On Its Way To An EU Membership?

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Serbia could very well be on its way to an EU membership in the near future with the help of the pro-European Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic. Read More


Is There Really No Bernie Sanders Movement?

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At this point in the 2016 presidential race it’s highly possible that Bernie Sanders will never get to see the inside of the Oval Office. His diehard supporters may shed some tears when the time comes, but Sanders has other priorities on his mind. In August, the Sanders campaign tweeted: “This campaign is not about electing Bernie Sanders for president. It is about creating a grass-roots political movement in this country.” Read More

Star-Crossed Lovers: Is It Over Between The US And Saudi Arabia?

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President Obama traveled to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this week in what was likely the final trip of his presidency to the Middle Eastern kingdom. Obama met with King Salman and other Gulf leaders during the trip to discuss regional issues. In a meeting on Wednesday, Obama and King Salman covered sensitive issues that ranged from human rights to more effectively combating terrorism. Read More