I Saw Tove Lo In Concert And I Gotta Endorse Her

A review of Tove Lo’s Seattle concert at the Showbox Sodo on Oct. 7, 2015.

If you haven’t heard of Tove Lo, you’ve definitely heard her. She’s the voice and brains behind the song “Habits” (you know it: “I gotta stay high all the time”), as well as the writer behind tunes by Ellie Goulding and other well-known artists. The 27-year-old Swede played in Seattle recently, selling out the venue.

Tove Lo is surprisingly humble and personable for being world famous. After the first song she yelled, “I love you Seattle! You guys make me feel like a fuckin’ star!” As if she wasn’t one already. She genuinely seemed grateful for and surprised by her rise to stardom. She gave shout-outs to random fans in the audience (“I see you, guy with the neck tattoo, dancing around and singing all the lyrics”). The show only lasted for less than two hours, as she has only put out one full album, but fans (including myself) were jumping around and singing to the songs like there was no tomorrow. I may or may not have lost my voice.

My favorite thing about Tove Lo is probably her I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. She owns her sexuality and it’s clear that she isn’t going to let the media dictate what she does. She came out on stage in a jumpsuit-type ensemble and about halfway through the set she ran backstage to shed her layers and reveal a skimpy black leotard lined with rhinestones. And of course, the show wouldn’t have been complete had she not pulled down her leotard and flashed the audience.

People like her music because, while it’s catchy pop, her lyrics are much more real than your typical cookie-cutter pop artist. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she summed up her recent first full-length album “Queen of the Clouds” as being “…dance-y pop but with that little bit of pain in there, a bit of darkness.” “Queen of the Clouds” is the progression of a good relationship turned into a failure, like many of us have experienced. As cliched as it sounds, I felt connected to her through her lyrics. They’re real and dark and they’re based around things that most humans have felt.

As the title says, I’m going to have to endorse Tove Lo, because clearly what she says in her song “Moments” is true; she is indeed “charming as fuck.”


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