Dear Freelee, Let’s All Just Live And Let Live

Freelee the Banana Girl isn’t exactly news at this point, but if you haven’t heard of her, she’s arguably YouTube’s most assertive face of the vegan lifestyle. The 35-year-old Australian aggressively pushes the Raw Til 4 diet, in which those partaking are encouraged to eat raw vegan foods until 4pm, and then high-carb cooked vegan foods for the remainder of the day.

Doesn’t sound too bad if you ignore the part where she simultaneously body shames and promotes binge-eating habits. If you’re considering right now that what I just said is an oxymoron, you’d be correct. I want to highlight the fact that Freelee isn’t a medical expert although she claims to know what the “best diet” is. She urges viewers to pack in as many calories (mainly based in carb-rich foods) as they can in a day, claiming that not doing so “promotes starvation” and “metabolic damage.” She also has a creepy obsession with being skinny and often cites that as a reason for people to go on the diet, as she herself is very thin.

Whether or not she actually practices what she preaches will remain a mystery, but I have my speculations.

Freelee is also famous for creating YouTube videos purely to shame and attack various celebrities for gaining weight or not sharing her views on the vegan lifestyle. She’s dedicated countless videos to ripping apart famous well-loved YouTubers like Zoella and Jenna Marbles among various other celebrities, claiming that she’s simply “trying to help them.” I think most of us know by now that when someone like Freelee says they’re “trying to help,” what they really mean is: “I want to make fun of you for being too fat but people will be mean to me if I come right out and say that!”

If you’re still not convinced that Freelee the Banana Girl should very much be ignored, she even made a video stating, and I quote, “meat eaters don’t deserve to live,” and that “people should be forced to be vegan.” Enough said there.

There are probably a dozen other complaints I could make about Freelee the Banana Girl, but honestly I don’t think she deserves my energy. So come on Freelee, chill out with your negativity. You’re a bully and you’re making the rest of the rational, sane vegans look bad here.

I’d link her relevant videos down below but I’d really rather not feed the troll. Ignore.


One comment

  1. Peace.Love.Veggies · October 5, 2015

    I agree with you completely! I’m a vegan but shaming others is not a peaceful way to live. It is better to educate kindly and lead by example. I saw her Kelly Clarkson video and it was downright disgusting. Kelly had just had a baby and it is never alright to talk about another woman like that!


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